4 Years, 4 Things

June 9, 2007. Austin, Texas. Sunset. On the lawn outside the Four Seasons Hotel, in front of a lake. Behind us, the family and friends that love us most. Before us, an enormous oak tree, sprinkled with twirling flowers and candles. Being led by a very nervous pastor with shaking hands, but a clear and steady voice. In front of us, our future. In front of us, the last four years.

To my partner, my husband, my best friend, on our anniversary. It’s about to get sappy in here.

For 4 years of marriage, here are 4 random things I love about you.

1. I love the way you hold my hand, wherever we go, even when you are annoyed with me.

2. I love the way we separate at parties and dinners. I get to watch you from afar, watch you laughing and telling stories, marvel at how easily you get people to like you.  I love smiling at you from across the room, as if we share a secret, and knowing that I get to go home with you.  I love the after-party discussions, where we share our stories of the evening.

3. I love that you watch So You Think You Can Dance with me, and that contemporary is your favorite type of dance.

4. I love that you read as much as I do, that you read physics books for fun and that you read things I have never heard of. And I love that you try to get me to read the things you love.

And one more, for good luck:

5. I love that I can count on you, that if there was a natural disaster and we had to go live “off-grid”, you are the one person I would want to have with me. I love that I trust you completely. If we were truly “LOST” on an island, you are the one person I would most want to crash with.

Marrying you is still the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

It’s been a happy, laugh-saturated, wondrous four years. Looking forward to the rest of our lives together.



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5 responses to “4 Years, 4 Things

  1. This is so sweet … happy, happy, happy. xoxoxoxo


  2. Happy Anniversary Alisa! Wonderful tribute to your marriage. xoxo


  3. Em

    You made me cry… again. Love you both (O too, obviously!).


  4. Beautiful…I love this.

    I had no idea there were so many anniversaries in June! Happy Anniversary to you and your amazing husband…he sounds like quite a catch. 🙂


  5. congratulations many times over!!!


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