I’m Alisa. Full-time lawyer, all-the-time mother. Reader and writer, on the side, when I can. I live in Texas with my husband, M, and my two kids, O and Tigerlily (not their real names), and our dog Rider (his real name). That’s me above, the first time I actually liked sushi. It was a big moment, mostly for my husband who loves sushi.

I’ve been sporadically blogging for a few years now, but in the past year, life and work and kids took precedence. Earlier this year, however, I turned 40 and “retired” from my job as a corporate lawyer to stay home with my kids while they are still little. A whole lotta change in that one month.

I miss blogging, so this is my next chapter. A place for me to record the little (and big) moments of life that I don’t want to forget. A place to muse, to write, to share, to question. A place to stand still, freeze time, and remember just when and where I am.


“The city orbits around eight million
centers of the universe
and turns around the golden clock
at the still point of this place.
Lift up your eyes from the moving hive
and you will see time circling
under a vault of stars and know
just when and where you are.“

~Billy Collins, ‘Grand Central”


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  1. Alisa, Congratulations! I had no idea you quit the corporate lawyer world. Will be checking out your words regularly. I guess I missed your debut of this new site. Love it. xoxo

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