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To Play Or Not to Play?

Morning. Today I am over at the You Plus 2 Parenting site, joining other writers/bloggers/parents in the 28 Days of Play series.

I could have written about six different posts for this series. I was surprised by how much there is to say about play and how it can make you feel so many different things: joy, anger, guilt, nostalgic, connected, delight, boredom. I ended up writing about how I think it is okay to say no to playing with your kids (sometimes).

Here is a sneak peek:

Sometime in 2010.      It is 5:54 pm. I am sitting on the floor of our living room, surrounded by hundreds of little cars. My son lines them up one by one by one, his chubby fingers wobbly but determined. He has a plan; he is building something. What, I don’t know, but later I will see this same concentration when he builds LEGO cities and worlds in Minecraft. He does not want my participation, only that I watch him. He wants my eyes on him at all times. He is adorable, and happy, and I am bored out of my mind.

Go HERE to read the rest! And be sure to check out the other thoughtful posts while you are there.

Happy Saturday!


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