Have a Dip Dip Kind of Day

Man have I been grumpy lately!

Here’s a light-hearted moment to prove that not all is doom and gloom in my part of life. O has learned to dip (food that is, not tobacco). It was a big moment for him, and he is very proud of his dipping ability. So proud that he actually learned the word. O is very stingy with his words and only very very important things like mama, dada, dog and blueberries make the list. Most things he uses sign language or makes up hand signals for. So naturally, now he is obsessed with dipping. All day he comes up to whomever happens to be standing nearby, reaches his little (surprisingly strong) hand up, takes hold of your fingers and pulls you over to the fridge. Where he stands and manically repeats “dip-dip, dip-dip, dip-dip”, until you either give him what he wants (big smile, angels sing) or you don’t (melting, screaming pool of screeching and hissing). When he does that, what he wants is hummus. It’s become an evening ritual, I get home from work, we dip dip hummus together.

So this morning, O did his dip-dip routine. Except it was 8:30 am, he hadn’t had breakfast and frankly, I just couldn’t smell hummus that early in the morning. So I compromised and gave him applesauce in a dipping ramekin. I tried getting him to dip pieces of fruit into it, but no go. He didn’t need stinking fruit. He had an empty Buzz Lightyear Pez dispenser. The round head of Buzz Lightyear was a perfect size to dip into the applesauce. He carefully dipped Buzz’s head into the mushy applesauce, while saying “dip-dip-dip-dip-dip”, then triumphantly licked it off.  So O sat on our kitchen counter, in his green Christmas pajamas, wiggling his feet and slurping applesauce off Buzz Lightyear’s head. He couldn’t have been happier.

It was a perfect start to my day. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Wishing you a simple and dip-tastic New Year’s Eve!


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  1. Joy

    I think Pez first thing in the morning is glorious! Happy new year!


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